Who I am

Daniel Smith

Translation Service Professional

As a translation service professional, my love of languages is the biggest reason behind my career success. A bit about me:

I’m Daniel Smith, a translation service expert for over a decade. I hold a degree in languages from the University of Maryland and have completed several certifications in translation and interpretation.

Daniel Smith

My Qualification

In addition to my degree in languages, I am a translator certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and a member of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI). I hold a certification in project management (PMI).

Translator Certified by the American Translators

My Experience

I have worked as a freelance translator, project manager, and interpreter (English to Italian and vice versa, German to English and vice versa). Over the years, I have gained considerable experience in different industries, including law (Clifford Chance, Jones Day), medicine (AmerisourceBergen, Medtronic), technical (Dell, IBM), and marketing (Weblime, Publicis). I have translated over 10,000 documents and interpreted more than 500 meetings and events.

My Expertise

My expertise is in providing accurate, culturally sensitive translations and interpretations. My deep understanding of the nuances of several languages and cultures allows me to provide high-quality services to my clients. Skilled in project management, I ensure that all projects close within the agreed-upon time frame and budget.

My Publication

My articles on translation and interpretation have been published in industry-leading publications, such as the ATA Chronicle and the Multilingual Magazine.


I love and respect languages. My qualifications and expertise help me provide accurate, culturally sensitive translations and interpretations; each project starts from zero. I continue to learn and diversify my offerings to provide my clients with my best; it’s never enough.

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