Our Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms of service carefully.

The Company offers intermediate customers to plan and purchase translation and interpretation services. The Company does not guarantee accessibility and cannot trust the quality of the information or services concerned.

These Terms of Use are understood by all parties and supersede all previous templates, agreements, and discussions of Company Terms.

Translation Rights and Regulations

The Company acknowledges that the consumer agrees to understand that compliance with the translation service does not violate the rights of third parties. The client has every opportunity to protect the Company and the performers against allegations of lawsuits or other law violations.

The consumer also encourages the Company and its interpreters to be harmless from any legal activity, including, but not limited to, criticism that may result from such content of initial diagrams or interpretations.

Refund Policy

All the charges for using our services are non-refundable in any case.

We have a strict refund policy and do not offer a money-back guarantee.

Once we assign your work to our translators, we cannot accept any request for removal, reduction of restriction or harassment due to user or third party actions or exclusions. In this case, the customer must meet the expense of the entire contract unless otherwise agreed.

A discount will be granted if the consumer withdraws from the contract before the interpreter can start the translation/interpretation. The Company reserves all the right to choose whether a refund request will be made in whole or in part.

Terms of Delivery

The requester must receive the translated documents on time and as specified in the order. The customer or his agent must immediately acknowledge receipt of the work, which means that the translation task has been completed on time and delivered on good notice.

We assume that the user has not fulfilled the responsibilities of this section and has not asked any operational questions within 24 hours of the last day of trading. In such cases, it is considered that the user has completed and agreed to work within the time limit.

The delivery date can be extended if additional information is required from the customer or if the level of complexity increases.

Terms of Payment

Customers must pay 100% in advance. In the case of approved credit, payment terms will be created within 7 days from the due date.

Request of Revision

The translators will do their best to provide a good translation of the information. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of translation, he should request a revision. Interpreters are solely responsible for accepting requests that comply with our translation policies and guidelines. They cannot add or remove data from the database as requested. Consumers are not eligible for cancellation due to this requested change and quality issues.

Other Terms and Conditions

We document all the added work and invoice them separately. Completion of payment will be different if additional items or items are requested during the service.

A fault liability claim may be considered invalid if it is closed after the expiry of the claim period. The receiver or client must send the request to the contractor immediately after noticing the error in the work but within 30 days of receipt of the work.

In the event of an accidental delay, we make efforts to inform the client. However, if the item is shipped late, the customer cannot cancel the product. 

The above terms and conditions set the extent of the site owner’s legal obligations for any distinct loss or damage arising from the use of our site. For additional data, contact our 24/7 chat support.