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Rush Translation Services offers the best medical translation services and health science localization solutions. We work with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device firms, and CRO organizations to provide multilingual communications. We never compromise with regulatory compliance and spheres of language accuracy.


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The amazing field of medicine and healthcare is constantly developing. New drugs and medical devices are introduced every day, and thousands of research findings are revealed around the globe. Individuals fight with similar diseases and struggle with the same health issues, even though every country speaks a different language. That’s why medical translation serves the noble cause to humanity.

Developing countries need medical support and health care aid to save millions of lives. A single mistake in medical translation can lead to severe problems and be hazardous for people’s health. A mistranslated word in medication or dosages can cause serious health issues. That is why our professional experts offer accurate medical translation.

What is Medical Translation?

Medical translation is the process of accurate translation of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and healthcare products. Medical translation is an important aspect that helps healthcare professionals provide necessary treatment to patients who speak another language. Medical professionals, doctors, and pharmacists need translation to review the medical history of foreign patients. So that they can provide accurate treatment and therapy.

Professional document translation services help patients understand entirely their health condition and how the treatment will progress. That’s why medical documents translated accurately and timely is most important. Moreover, many countries worldwide require medical literature and labeling associated with the medical devices and pharmaceuticals translated into their native languages.

Who Needs Medical Translation?

Medical translation is gaining more importance with every passing day as international travel becomes cheaper and more patients can get medical treatment in foreign nations. That makes medical translation services very important in the present scenario. Medical translation is not only limited to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, clinical results, and documentation on new medicines.

Medical practitioners and healthcare experts need medical translations to provide proper treatment and therapy to foreign patients who speak different languages. Proper communication is important for patients and healthcare experts, and usually, it’s in the language that patients speak. Similarly, you also need someone for  legal document translation. You can get all help here.

Our Certified Medical Document Translation Services

Our professional medical translators accurately translate patients’ records, medical history, prescriptions, medical forms, and other important medical documents. So that doctors and patients can completely understand each other during the medical treatment.

Rush Translation Services is an accredited American Translation Association member and understands your every requirement to make the medical translation process smooth.

Our team of translators also offer legal document translation, website translation services and more.

Patient records

Drug labeling and packaging

Instructions for use (IFUs)

Patient instructions

Clinical trials

Medical findings
Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Independent medical exams (IMEs)
Medical journals

Pharmacological studies

Choose Between 100+ Languages

Our native medical translators are updated with medical terms and understand the importance of accurate medical translation. Every document undergo proper proofreading and reviewed many times to ensure 100% accuracy. We also provide quality email translation services.


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Why We Are The Best Medical Translation Service

We help to maintain accurate and clear communication with patients without violating HIPAA. Our HIPAA-certified medical translators make us the best online medical translation services. We assure accurate communication and maintain the confidentiality of the protected medical information.

The leading pharmaceuticals and medical companies trust our services when it comes to medical translation online. Your confidential medical translation projects and health documents are in our safe hands. We also provide professional medical translation services for urgent requirements. Some of the services that make us the leading medical translation company are:

Accurate Medical Translation

We know how complex medical documents are! A single mistake can affect your health. Our native translators have decades of experience, and we guarantee accurate and professional translation services.

Medical Document Translation Services

With us, you can get the best medical document translations. Our expert translators can translate medical documents from English to over a sixty international languages and vice-versa.

HIPAA Compliance

As a certified medical translation agency, we are compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – HIPAA. That ensures the confidentiality of all protected health information in the documents we manage.

Affordable Medical Translation Prices

We offers the most competitive prices in the translation industry, making us the favorite medical language translation services worldwide. Our pricing starts with $0.10 per word for all types of medical translation and review. 

Certified Medical Translation Services

Rush Translation Services is a proud member of the American Translation Association and fully compliant with ISO standards. You will get a “statement of accuracy” with every translation. All over translators are certified by accredited translations organizations.

Discounts and Offers

At Rush Translation Services, you can avail various discounts and promo codes. You can use them to get attractive price benefits. For the new customers, we provide heavy discounts, for more details contact our customer representatives.

Why choose us

We help medical professionals, healthcare experts and pharmaceutical companies with quick, accurate, and affordable medical translation. Our expert translators have decades of experience and proper understanding of medical terms.

Our friendly project managers will always be in touch with you to offer translation and localization. Looking forward to work with you, for more information contact our customer representatives.

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Your Medical Documents are in Safe Hands

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The prompt service these guys have provided during my medical translation of English to Spanish. All the medical documents were 100% accurate and competitive rates.
Mia William
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I just wonder how the medical translation team can perform the translation with such accuracy. The quality management system and quick turnaround are impressive. I would recommend Rush Translation Services.
Jack Collins
Jack Collins
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I am excited to avail myself of the responsive certified translation services from Rush Translation Services. You can connect with them anytime, and their friendly customer executives are always there to solve your any query with a smile.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is medical translation important?

Medical translation services help professional physicians establish proper communication with their foreign parents. Usually, the translation is done in the language that patients speak. The medical translation services play an essential role for the healthcare professionals and help them deliver the best possible medical care. 

Who can translate medical documents?

Professionals translators, usually the native speakers of the language, translate medicine details and medical records in the patient’s language. In case you are looking for the best medical record translation services, Rush Translation Services is the leading platform. You can contact the customer executives to avail the new user benefits.

What does a medical translator do?

The professional medical translators work for various medical services, like physicians’ offices, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals companies, and health clinics. The prime role of medical translators is to translate the patient’s medical history, clinical trials and other important documents into their native language. 

What is the best medical translator?

Rush Translation Services is one of the best when it comes to providing medical translation services. The platform is equipped with professional native translators who have decades of experience in medical translation and translation of medical terminology. Besides that, the platform delivers the translated medical documents with sixty-percent accuracy. You can even avail of the medical translation services over the phone.

What is the difference between a medical interpreter and a medical translator?

You must have heard the words like “medical interpreter” and “medical translator,” and most people use them interchangeably. However, both the roles are quite different! Medical translators are trained professionals who deal with written medical texts. While medial interpreters usually focus on the spoken aspect with informed consent forms.

What are the types of medical translation?

Language barriers in the medical field can cost lives, and there is always room for mistakes. The most important five types of medical translations providing health aid to people globally are – Medical Interpreting, Technical Translation, Documents Translation, Label & Device Translation, and Training & Learning Material Translation.

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