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Localization is also referred to as L10N! When written in English, ten is the exact number of letters between “L” and “N” – Localization. The entire process revolves around translation. However, localization offers much more depth to the translated content. You can express yourself according to culture, tradition, and other native values with localization.

The concept of localization started in the 1980s. The time when desktop computers were not only about engineers. Computers started to appear in every office and home. Everyday users require software to work more efficiently. And more importantly, it should meet their language, habits, and standards.  

Software companies captured this opportunity with open arms. They fulfilled the international demand and expanded globally to prosper. That’s the power of localization. Adapting products or content according to a specific market and geographic location opens multiple success doors. To achieve this, you need professional translation and localization services.

What are Localization Services?

We are enjoying the current phase of expanding globalization. Thanks to a localization services company. The professional localization services providers help you with “localization.” It is a beautiful process of providing depth to translation according to the target culture, traditions, habits, and language.

Localization adapts your content, products, services entirely into the new regions’ culture and traditions. The localized content appears exactly as it is created in the target culture. That’s why professional localization services are in demand. The professional website translation & localization help you capture the cultural nuances for the perfect connection.

The localization services cover every regional custom, humor, and ironies to provide perfect local taste. Moreover, localization services help you to fulfill legal and linguistic demands. In short, localization services guarantee cultural acceptability and enhanced engagements with natives.

Why Is Localization Important?

Localization is not just about translating content into a target language. It adapts content to make it culturally appropriate. Our world is a large multi-cultural village. Every culture has its past, traditions, habits, ethics, and beliefs.

Successful business houses understand this, while many struggle to penetrate new markets. Let’s review why localization is essential for entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies:

Offer Culturally Appropriate Content

The professional language localization services know what the target audience relates to and what might hurt their sentiments. Of course, while marketing in a new region, you need to make a long-lasting impression. You never want to pass anything unappealing that puts you in a negative shade. 

Avoid Inappropriate Content

The best localization services understand the country’s complicated past. And how they have come up strongly and advanced in the present. The one mistake in the target language can ruin everything. The professional translation localization services know this, and that’s why they always avoid inappropriate content.

Leveraging Positive Events

There are also some positive impacts on the countries. Professional translation services always use this technique. They offer you localized content leveraging positive events in the past. The natives relate with it and get some kind of positive boost and relate with our products more happily.

It takes time to create culturally appropriate localization. The history of a country or region needs extensive research skills. Professional localization services help you save time and money. Rush Translation Services offer a streamlined localization process with an expert localization team. In the meantime, explore every aspect of Glocalization.

Why is Localization Used in Translation Services?

Localization is not just about plain translation; it involves much more than that! The translation and localization experts use loads of jargon and abbreviations. That makes people use the terms interchangeably. However, there is a considerable difference between the two processes.

Localization is the further step of translation. The localization process helps you express with proper currency units, date formats, paper size, and even text length. Let’s compare both pointwise below:   

  • The translation just adapts the message and conveys it to the target audience. While localization helps you adapt the experience of the new region.
  • The translation is more dependent on the digital process. While perfect localization needs native translators. The experts who understand the source and target language, target culture, and other important aspects.
  • The translation is usually a starting point of the localization process. Localization helps you connect with the new audience more emotionally and culturally.   

Businesses like to expand globally usually have two options – translation and localization. The translation just plainly conveys the message in another language. In contrast, localization is all about cultural and historical experience.

Rush Translation Services staff the localization experts to make your mark in foreign markets. 

Our Certified Multiple Languages Localization Services

Rush Translation Services understand the importance of perfect localization. Our team of localization experts understands the context, purpose, and meaning of the source and target language. We help you connect with new audiences with real native emotions.

Every translator and localization expert is a proud member of the American Translation Association. This will surely help you to make your mark in foreign markets.

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Choose Between 100+ Languages

Our localization experts handle the pair of languages efficiently. They understand the meaning of source language and make the content target language appropriate. The in-house experts leave no stone unturned to enhance your communication with natives. Our prime objective is to make your impression in style in new global markets. We guarantee increased profitability with positive connections with natives.


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Why We Are the Best Localization Services Provider

We offer quality localized services from source language to target language. Our localization experts are skilled in translating and localizing content without changing its meaning. The Rush Translation Services staff the native localization experts. These experts are culturally aware and understand every context of the source language.

That’s the reason we offer the native soul to every translated content! We offer website localization services, e-learning localization services, gaming localization services, app localization services, and much more. Some of our features making us the clients’ favorite translation company are:

The Touch of Human

Our localization experts are humans, not bots! They understand the source and target content’s emotions, purpose, and context. That’s why our native professionals offer the best localization solutions. The project manager is appointed for every localization project. This offers you an exciting experience during the process.

Certified Localization Experts

Our localization experts are proud members of the American Translation Association. The Rush Translation Services are fully compliant with ISO standards. Moreover, we are accredited by global translation agencies. Your every content for localization is handled with utmost care and confidentiality. Our faster turnarounds and affordable rates are just impressive. Get attractive discounts for your first localization order.

Industry Experts Translators

Our translators understand the trends and techniques of the industry. The professional language doctors understand the company’s requirements to enter a new market. These language experts help you open new markets for your products. Your products and services’ right tone and style will relate to natives. Our high-quality localized content helps you prosper with an amazing regional marketing strategy.

Everything Under One Roof

Our translation and localization experts offer legal document translation services, certified medical translation services, software localization services, and much more. We offer translation and localization in more than a hundred languages. Our language experts provide a wide range of localization services. We help you globalize your brand. It’s time to make yourself culturally relevant and acceptable globally!

Why choose us

Our localization services help you expand in global markets. We help you launch your products, services, and content with the proper native soul and taste. Your foreign audience will feel like the product was really made for them.

Rush Translation Services take care of every aspect related to texts, images, layouts, and more. Our localization services guarantee cultural adaptability and enhance native engagements. We help you blend with the new culture more than your imaginations.

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Why choose us

Industry Experts Trust Our Professional Localization Services

Certified Translation
The team of localization experts handles your every task with utmost care. The detailed-oriented professional with a fast turnaround is impressive. The project manager assisted me in the entire process and satisfied my every query. Highly recommend Rush Translation!
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson
Certified Translation
One of the best platforms for translation and localization solutions. They helped me with the mobile application localization services in the French language. They understand what has required and the purpose of the target. I am fully satisfied with their services.
Aria Moore
Aria Moore
Certified Translation
The Rush Translation & Localization services come at the most affordable rates. The quality of their work and conduct is appreciable. You can easily reach out to these guys. The team of professional guys. I will always contact them for translation and localization tasks.
Kenneth Looper

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between translation and localization services?

The translation is the simple process of changing the text into another language. However, localization considers many more aspects. Localization considers the cultural, technical, historical, and visual aspects while changing content from one language to another. Rush Translation Services is the leading localization company in the country.

Can I have website localization?

Yes, you will have the perfect website translation & localization at Rush Translation Services. The leading platform understands the purpose of website localization. The professional localization experts are culturally aware of the source and target language. We provide the best localization solutions for multilingual websites.

What is the localization process?

Localization is the process of modifying your content for a particular regional or target audience. However, many people get confused with translation. Both the process involves changing the content into another language. Localization provides a native soul to the content. While translation projects plainly convert content from source language to native language.

Where can I get the content localization services?

Rush Translation Services is the best platform in the country. The leading platform offers localization and translation services to individuals, businesses, and companies. You can avail the affordable and quality content localization services on the platform. We don’t rely on machine translation. That’s why we are the perfect language services provider & localization agency.

Do you provide iPhone or mobile apps localization services?

Yes! Our localization experts provide iPhone app localization services in more than a hundred languages. You just need to provide your exact requirements. Our project manager will come up with the most affordable rates and turnaround. Once approved, we will deliver the localized iPhone app content.

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