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French is extensively spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and many African countries. It is also the language of Quebec, Canada. Before ordering a French translation language service, please determine the country you are translating from due to language differences.

What Is French Translation?

The success of your global business depends on how well you communicate your messages to your customers. Practically it is about how well you understand when and where they need it, no matter where they are in Paris, Toronto, or French-speaking Belgium.

However, it can be pretty difficult to locate an excellent French document translation company whose knowledge and documentation are worth it. Specifically, there are many translation agencies in the market, and they all claim to be the best. That’s why it is ideal to take time to read valuable information about the best translation agency to help you spread the information correctly. Canadian French, for example, is different from European French. Therefore, it is essential to pick up certified French translation services for your English to French language translation work.

Why Do You Need French Translations for Your Job?

France is the second-largest economy in Europe and the fifth in the world.

The French company is a world leader in the communication, pharmaceutical, and civil engineering sectors. The population is a big consumer of digital services, educational services, and travel and tourism services. If your goal is to introduce yourself into any of the above sectors, the French market can be an excellent opportunity for your product.

Growing your business into a profitable and reliable business requires French translation services. We provide a professional French translator to help you get a hold in the French-speaking markets. If you plan for a long-term goal, you have to keep in touch with a French translation company.

Professional French Translation Services for All Your Documents

We are one of the best French translation agencies that offer you high-quality translation of French language services. We translate French documents better than any other English to French translation company as we have a team of the best professional French translators with us. Our legal document translation services include medical, professional, or any other essential paper that you wish to translate in an emergency. Our team of native French translators is experienced to handle your French translation projects with diligence and perfection. 

The French legal translators of Rush Translation services understand the importance of French legal documents and hence offer accurate and fast French to English translation services and vice versa.

If you want to expand into French-speaking markets, you need to translate all of your content into French. We support French translations for a variety of documents and content. Whether you desire to translate your website into European French, translate business documents into French, or translate business publications into African French, we provide guaranteed and certified official language translations for all types of content. Our professional French translation Services include:

French travel listings and guides
French product description translation services
French emails, letters, and more
French marketing copy, ads, and social media
French news articles and entertainment
French document translations in non-Government and Government agencies

Our French Linguists Support More Than 100 Languages

We appoint French spoken professionals to support translation in many languages. For instance, we offer English and French and Chinese-French, Belgian-French, African-French, German-French, Spanish-French, Canadian-French, and more than 100 other languages. Our French linguists are well versed in French dictionaries. We hire experienced French translators with the necessary expertise to work on each French translation project for a high level of linguistic quality.

For excellent French document translation services, turn to us. With a large organization of over 5,000 English speakers, we offer first-class French translation on time. We do not believe in machine translation and hire only an experienced French translator who regularly speaks with industry experts to carry out all of their translation work. We are the first in the language industry to allow you, our clients, to measure the quality of our professional translators. Along with French language translation you can take our help if you need legal document translation.


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What Makes Us Best in the French Translation Industry

In order to enable different businesses around the world to successfully conduct their business in a global market, modern French translation services must be streamlined, as needed, and available 24/7. In order to take advantage of the competition, international companies need to translate product manuals, product information, websites, financial information, and legal information to France soon, with good products and good products. The good news is that RTS is ready to help. Just press certified translator near me, and we are there. Here are how can we help:

Fast and Accurate French Translation Services

RTS provides the fastest French translation service on the market. Our unique, patented mobile translation technology instantly alerts French experts to translation requests anytime, anywhere. We are also the first translation company to help translate languages ​​across all platforms, including desktop and mobile devices.

Best Industry Experience

Our English to French translation services experts reviews each work carefully to deliver their English French translation services to multiple industries. They ensure the quality and accuracy of their task at every layer of French language translation. We are a certified French translation company and promote official translation French to English. We take care of each English to French and from French to English text to help you thrive in your preferred industry. These include technology, medicine, law, patents, software, engineering, and finance. Book us as your official translator French to English today and see the difference!

Translate Facts To Ensure Localization

We provide the best English to French translation service, accurate and dedicated to translating every word of your thesis! Our translators are very talented and focus on the field while translating Arabic to French or vice versa. Our French translator involves in the translation process deeply and makes sense. They understand that any certified translation must be able to evoke the heart of the text and the culture and that even a small change in meaning can lead to serious problems. All our dictionaries are perfect and well-designed. Take a look to understand how do we make that perfect.

Localize Your Website Using Meta Hreflang Tags

The most undeniable thing to consider when translating a website into French is to ensure that the search engine can read the terms used. In addition to the content of the <html> tag, each page has a <head> section that lists local links.

For instance, say your website is written in the English language, each translation page should have the following code in the <head> section:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="fr" />


Adding this block to the original as well as local versions increases the readability for search engines. It could then grasp the structure of your site and display the appropriate translations for each user, as each page points to each available content.

Destination Language and Country

Always mention the specific country you want to target. This is ideal for languages ​​spoken in several countries speaking French (used in France, Belgium, Canada, and other countries). It influences the French speakers too. To do this, simply insert the target country into the hreflang attribute like so:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="fr" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="fr-be" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="fr-ca" />

Exceptional French Document Translation Services at Best Industry Prices

Our English to French translators are experts in this field and have many years of professional translation experience. We offer you an exceptional and carefully designed professional website translation as the appointed English to French translator you get is meticulous and trained. That’s why international companies trust us to translate high-quality content at high speed. Our innovative translation platform and global network of translators mean we can provide timely quality and quality assurance, no matter the size or complexity of our French translation project.

Why choose us

We make a record of happy clients as we are a certified translation service and perform our translation service following the latest translation styles. However, our professional experts take care of each text and keep a distinct difference between texts to promote cultural essence. Hence you get the most accurate French translation. Here are the extra benefits of choosing us:

Human Quality

Hassle-free Ordering

Tailored Workflows

Guaranteed Quality & Satisfactions

Competitive Pricing

100+ Languages

Unlimited Revisions

Why choose us

Customers Trust Our Area of Expertise

Certified Translation
Outstanding service! I needed some urgent legal papers to be translated into French, and the company I approached made a mess! One of my friends suggested that I try RTS, and guess what: an entire set of essential legal documents translated in just three business days.
Russell Evan
Russell Evan
Certified Translation
Highly professional and efficient service, I must say! The entire team works with sincerity, and the most important part is it charges as per the level of complexity in work and no hidden cost.
Kim White
Certified Translation
I have personally used their French translation service to translate my company website. The work was done in a short time. Communication was excellent, and every query were attended professionally. I recommend it anytime.
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia

Our Human Translations Work Better Than Technology

Some free English to French free dictionaries also act as translation tools, but these tools also have their drawbacks.

Free English to French dictionaries Pros Cons Human Translation Pros Cons
Reverso User friendly and easy to navigate Content looks imperfect, dull, and lengthy Rush Translation Services 1. Identifies each word and its opposites
Google Translate Wide range of inputs Lengthy texts are not accurate 2. Gives more importance to quality than quantity
Systran Availability of a variety of platforms, browser extension and mobile It does not offer alternative words or expressions. 3. Can implement their own feelings and experiences to modify the language
Prompt It is highly convenient All its features are very expensive 4. Uses more resources to bring out the language essence
Linguee Easy to look for terms of different situations Unsuitable for lengthy projects 5. Understands ethics and culture and uses it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer high-speed translation services?

All professionals are trained to follow the program. We understand all types of emergencies and appreciate your needs. Our fast translation work speeds up the visa application process and ensures that all your business is done on time.

Is your French translation service certified?

RTS provides medical, corporate, and legal documents and certified translation services for native French speakers. We have a team of professional human translators with a quality management system to ensure the translation process meets quality standards.

How much does your French translation cost?

Our French to English translation service is very affordable. We do not believe in degrading quality, and we offer all sorts of discounts so you can stay soft in your pocket. For high-quality custom materials, this service will incur additional charges.

What is the most accurate French translator? is among the best French translation companies for all medical and legal documents that you need to get translated. It is the only French translation platform capable of quickly delivering French documents to over 100 languages, including French to English and vice versa.

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