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You can create strong international connections with the assistance of our certified document translation services. The services provided by the linguists go much beyond simple translation. It’s time to use Rush Translation Services to receive precise document translation.


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Document Translation Services

Document translation services are used to convert text documents from a source language into a target language. This process breaks linguistic barriers and helps an idea reach worldwide. It unfurls seamless communication between multilingual groups. So, language translation is of utmost importance in establishing valuable communication.

In this digital era, the demand for online document translation services is continuously rising, especially after globalization.

Document Translation Services

Modern technical translation has been in use since 1960. But, the history of translation dates far back. The word translation comes from the Latin word “translatio,” which means “carry across” or “to bring.”

History of Translation | Rush Translation

History of Translation

Evidence of the first translation dates back approximately more than 2,000 years. It was for a poem named “The Epic of Gilgamesh” engraved on a stone tablet. The poem was initially written in Sumerian script and translated into several Asian languages.

Many other historians believe that the ancient Egyptian “Rosetta Stone,” issued at Memphis in 196 BC, was the first evidence of translation. Later, several religious books like the Tyndale Bible and Buddhist scriptures were translated from Hebrew into Greek.

What Are Document Translation Services?

Certified document translation is used for converting a written script from one language into many target languages.

  • It helps in interlingual transfer and intercultural communication. Documentation translation services ensure flawless transformation of scripts considering the native culture and way of expression. So the native language speakers can understand and interact seamlessly without hesitation.
What Are Document Translation Services?<br />
  • Certified document translation is essential for global businesses, marketers, and companies worldwide. If you also want to expand your business and market your products in different regions, you must hire our expert email translation services.
    Documents translation services perfectly uphold the soul of the target language, displaying nuanced localization features.
  • These services have complete knowledge of documentation formats applicable in professional, financial, business, educational, promotional, medical, and legal document translations. 
  • Expert document translators identify target audiences and the complete purpose of each translation to provide fast, accurate, and professional translation services for documents. They have comprehensive knowledge of specific terminology (jargon) used in specialized fields. So they can create high-quality output to positively influence the natives.

Hence, translation services for documents are essential for multinational businesses to promote their products in new markets. Professional certified document translation services engage experienced translators, specialized software, and AI technology to convert the texts into the targeted language.

An expert translator at a professional translation company has comprehensive knowledge of the standard codes for creating business documents.

What Are the Purposes of Professional Document Translation Services?

Translations are the most effective for disseminating the following:

  • New information
  • Stunning ideas
  • Detailed knowledge of content creation

Benefits of Document Translation Services Online:

Successful multilingual communication

It helps achieve successful cross-cultural communication, which is imperative in this era of globalization. Our professional document translation services are very effective in translating and disseminating information – legally – within and across industries.

Securing integral parts of businesses

Translations are integral to any business. The best translation agencies provide services tailored to your diverse needs. If you run a small-to medium-scale business or a multinational company, translation services are essential for the growth of your venture.

Ethical use of your linguistic knowledge will aid you in capturing overseas markets and expanding your business. 

Perfection is the key

Small mistakes in translations can change the entire meaning of a sentence, and this can create misunderstandings and a negative impression among stakeholders. For example, the famous KFC slogan “Finger-Lickin’ Good” had become “Eat Your Fingers Off” when introduced in the Chinese market. 

As seen, the above translation has an entirely different meaning and is not at all enticing for chicken lovers. Thus, mistakes can ruin your entire effort and investment in document translation for promotional purposes. 

Essential for Multilingual promotional campaigns

For business expansion, effective promotional campaigns are an essential factor. A translator needs to understand the purpose of creating any document.

Also, nuanced localization is another crucial factor associated with professional notarized translation services. It removes communication gaps between businesses and prospective customers. 

So, native customers can approach the business spontaneously and make purchases. It helps in promoting the brand reputation and increase revenue.

Multilingual promotional Campaigns

Influence local buyers

 Best document translation services online and offline assist multinational companies in connecting with local buyers. Such translations in native languages can influence local people to freely contact foreign businesses regarding any queries. Every consumer checks out how they can contact a foreign business before they make purchasing decisions. 

So, documents translations services can provide seamless communication with foreign partners, promoters, and employees to secure a steady professional relationship. Additionally, certified translations cover almost every pillar of society. It enables a smooth international accord, cultural exchange between multiple linguistic groups, sharing of ideas worldwide, etc. 

Spread new ideas or talents across the planet | Rush Translation

Spread new ideas or talents across the planet-:

Online document translation services help authors, musicians, artists, directors, and other creative personalities to spread their talent across the planet. It also influences diplomacy, as business or political meetings between nations are conducted with the help of top-notch translation or interpretation. 

The vast utility of technical and legal document translation underscores its high value in this scenario. Due to its multiple utilities, online document translation services have become indispensable worldwide.

Most global businesses utilize document translations to advertize and promote their services  across different linguistic zones.

And Rush Translation Services provides an ever-evolving effective solution for document translation. 

Our Certified Translation Services

Rush Translation Services is a certified translation company that engages professional and experienced linguistic experts for document translations: standard and certified. Our experienced document translators work surprisingly fast and give guaranteed accurate outputs. We translate for the automotive, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.


Academic Transcripts
Asylum Documents
Bank Statement
Change Of Name
Criminal Record
Adoption Documents
Background Check
Birth Certificate
Business License
Course Guide
Death Certificate

We recognize the requirements and purposes of translation and devise a customized solution for every translation. Our high-quality localized services help global businesses influence local markets. So, native people feel free to contact us and make a purchase. This way, businesses can increase their sales, profits, and revenues.

Choose Between More Than 100 Languages

Our highly skilled professional linguistic experts, native translators, and multilingual subject matter experts thoroughly understand the purpose of translations. So, they can prepare a perfect translated document based on our clients’ requirements. As a document translation service provider, we offer comprehensive document translations in more than 100 languages.

Our professional team of certified, specialized document translators simplify complex translations with an expert human touch in almost all target languages.


Chinese (Traditional)




Chinese (Simplified)

They have a thorough knowledge of the ways of expression of natives so that they can promptly deliver accurate translations at a reasonable price. Hence, if you are searching for document translation services near me, Rush Translation Services is an effective solution for all your translation needs.

Why Is Rush Document Translation the Best?

Our certified document translation services online provide comprehensive solutions to all translation needs. This includes translating legal documents, product descriptions, business reports, proposals, patents, user manuals, etc. We ensure quick delivery of documents translated within strict deadlines.

Dedicated Team to Translate Documents

Our team of qualified, experienced professional translators can handle multilingual projects of translation documents services simultaneously. We value linguistic accuracy. So, we translate documents to maintain the standard expressions of native peoples. We provide prompt, comprehensive translation services at affordable rates. This includes translations of documents from Google docs or other online or offline sources.

Remarks-: Our industry-specific knowledge, consistent quality assurance, and cultural awareness help provide accurate localized certified translations to our clients. We charge a reasonable price based on the nature and the number of documents to translate. We focus on perfection, and that makes Rush Translation Services the favorite of many users. Some of our valuable features include the following

High Quality and Confidentiality

We are proud members of the American Translators Association. Our primary focus is perfection. We deliver high-quality, document translations based on nuanced localization. Our way of expression follows the standard codes of conduct based on the specific target regions.

Remarks-: We maintain the standard rules of confidentiality and assure full-proof security and confidentiality. We understand, in this digital era, how tough it is to trust a translator with your sensitive and personal documents. But we don’t engage any cloud-based tool to translate your documents, like birth certificates or identity documents. So, we guarantee that your documents are in a safe place.

Industry-specific Translations

Every industry uses specific terminology in product descriptions and advertising. Based on your target market, we can precisely translate your business documents using the correct terms. So, the target localities can seamlessly understand and positively relate to your marketing.

Remarks-: Industry or market-specific knowledge is essential for certified translations done successfully, whether you have a product or a service-oriented business. It will help you connect with prospective customers, boost sales and enhance revenue.

More Than Just Certified Translations

Personalized and localized translation ensures that all features of a project follow the nuanced preferences of the target markets. These include designs, images, colors, currency, time, and numerous other vital aspects. A professional translator service can handle complex multilingual requirements and provide effective localized services.

Remarks-: Effective language localization will easily inspire your target localities to contact your venture with their queries freely. So, you will have more chances to convert prospective clients into regular purchasers. This way, you can create and sustain influence and brand reputation in the new markets and increase your revenue over time.

Typesetting and Desktop Publishing

Rush Translation Services uses specific DTP (desktop publishing) tools and multilingual typesetting programs to provide ready-to-print documents. Our industry-specific technical document translation services prepare every type of document, including glossy brochures, flyers, newsletters, books, advertisements, and others.

Remarks-: Our scrutiny and proofreading ensure the utmost perfection in every translated document. So, you don’t need to spend time checking your translated documents before printing. Our ever-evolving consistency in certified document translations helps us easily establish a healthy relationship of trust with our clients.


Translations Sensitive to Native Cultures

People from different regions prefer a specialized way of communication among themselves. We employ certified translators who thoroughly understand the nuances of local languages and cultures. So, we can fulfill your requirements for diverse documentation and legal services.

Remarks-: We offer an accurate translation of official documents. It includes translating business contracts, academic documents, medical documents, notarized translation services, etc. Our guaranteed quality of the localized translation of documents into other languages has made us a dependable certified translator worldwide.

Notarized Translation Services

Our qualified translators provide notarized translations to guarantee the authentic accuracy of translations from a source document. Our notarized translation services for say, bank statements, articles of incorporation, etc., are available for every business. For notarized translations, our international customers can select any language pair from 100 languages.

Remarks-: Our certified experts provide convenient options for notarized translation of online content or offline documents. For notarized translation document services with utmost accuracy, feel free to contact us. Search online for the best document translation service near me, and you will get the most satisfactory output.

Legal Document Translation

Legal requirements for business and identity vary from country to country. Our professional translation specialists have precise knowledge regarding the legal requirements of different nations. So, we can translate all legal documents like birth certificates, residential proofs, business files, etc., with utmost efficiency.

Remarks-: Feel free to contact Rush Translation Services to translate your legal documents into your desired language. We ensure trustworthy legal translation services to law firms and residential legal terms into more than 100 languages.

Localized Translation Service

Localization refers to appreciating the native culture, traditions, and habits while translating into languages. All linguistic regions have specific and unique cultural aspects that reflect nuanced ways of expression and communication. People who are closely attached to a specific culture and have in-depth linguistic knowledge perform localized translations.

Remarks-: Our document translations services rely on a localized approach that helps businesses attract local consumers. Once local buyers can interact with a foreign company seamlessly, they make purchases without hesitation. It is the best way to translate information and increase your revenue.

Why Choose Us

In this globalized world, document translation service has become much more crucial than ever. With its customized native approach, Rush Translation Services helps businesses to establish new markets and influence local people. Our consistent document translations ensure effective communication between people from different language groups. 

We help spread new ideas, information, and knowledge worldwide through accurate translations that easily conquer linguistic gaps between regions. We focus on providing linguistically fluent and technically accurate translation services to our multilingual clients from every sector.

Our steady perfection and industry-specific knowledge make us one of the best official document translation services in NYC. You can contact us for your comprehensive translation needs, and we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Also, you may contact us for cheap document translation services, as our charges are very reasonable. 

If you are looking for prompt, high-quality document translations, feel free to contact us and get consistent quality with a fast turnaround. Contact us to get an instant quote with the best deals! 

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RTS is the most amazing platform for immigration document translation services. They helped with my every translation requirement. The professional translators know what they are doing and understand the purpose of the translation. The friendly project manager will always be there to sort out any issues during the entire process. Full marks to RTS!
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One of the most professional document translation services I have ever encountered! My last two translation projects were a huge disaster and cost me valuable time and money. These guys corrected my earlier projects and delivered the new projects. I am impressed with their accuracy, expertise on the language pair, and faster turnaround. Thumbs Up
Parker Hall
Parker Hall
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Last month, I contacted Rush Translation Services for notarized translation and legal documents translation. It was my first translation work. That's why little bit worried about the service and quality of work. But these guys amazed me with the accurate and top-notch document translation services. Highly recommend the most affordable translation service.
Scott Morales
Scott Morales

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to translate the official documents?

The cost of the official documents depends upon the field, complexity, and technologies of the documents. Sometimes, the language pair also affects the final costing. However, our document translation services start at 0.10$ for a word. Our first price quote for the entire project will be the last quote. There are not any hidden charges to avail of our services. The expert translators can handle any size and type of translation. We offer regular discounts and promo codes for enhanced engagements.

Who can legally translate a document?

Anyone can get documents translated for you. Individuals and businesses take the help of their acquaintances for translation work. Most of the land is in serious trouble due to a lack of professionalism and not understanding the context of the content. It’s always beneficial to help from certified professional translators. Professional translation services will save you lots of money and valuable time. Rush Translation Services is the leading platform for document translation services. Contact our customer care for exciting discounts.  

How do I translate a document officially?

You cannot translate official documents, especially when it is legal document translation and notarized translations. It may land into serious trouble; moreover, a single mistake can ruin your life. The best solution is to take the help of a certified translator. The certified translation service provide you with the official letter that they stand by their work. Moreover, this letter suggests you they are qualified to translate documents from source to target language. Rush Translation Services staff certified translators have years of experience. Furthermore, the affordability, turnaround time, and high quality will surely impress you.

How long does it take to get back the translated document?

It all depends upon the language pair, complexity, and other requirements of the document. The thumb rule says the professional translator can easily handle two-thousand words daily. However, it also depends upon the efficiency and knowledge of the translator in the particular domain. Rush Translation Services offer high-quality translation and faster delivery. Our translators also offer rush-hour services for every emergency. For more information, please connect with our friendly executives. Don’t forget to avail the exciting discounts!

What is the importance of certified translations?

The certified translation work guarantees the authenticity and quality of the translated work. The translation company provides a “Certificate of Accuracy” with every document translation project. That means the translator, and you signify every information contained in the translated work or business documents is true and accurate. Rush Translation Services is known for its high-quality translated content with accuracy. The professional translators handle every type of business document to offer the most accurate translation solutions.  

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