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Our certified document translation services help you establish an enhanced global connection. The linguistic experts offer much more than just translation. It’s time to get accurate document translation with Rush Translation Services.


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Document translation services deal with the written content. It was in existence for many centuries. The earliest recorded work of document translation was religious texts. Historians suggest the first translated documents were the Buddhist scriptures. These sacred texts were translated by Chinese monk Xuanzang.

The other famous translated work was the translation of the Bible. The Old Great Testament was translated from Hebrew to Greek by Septuagint. Later the Latin version of the Bible was done by Saint Jerome. Today document translation is a vast field and covers numerous topics and different industries. 

We are living in a global village! And, document translation becomes more imperative to understand texts in another language. Document translation services help establish a smooth connection between different societies, cultures, and nations. Document translation affects lives, economics, governance, and almost every important aspect of society.

What is Document Translation?

Document translation is usually performed on the written content. The entire translation process involves translating text from source language to text language. At the same time, it keeps the soul of the target language for more effective communication. This aspect is important for businesses, marketers, and companies worldwide.

The professional translators understand the purpose of the translation. A single mistake can change the entire context of the document. That can lead to a huge misunderstanding and even create tension between nations. These expert translators leave no stone unturned to deliver accurate translation and localization.

The professional document translation services staff translators with different specializations and expertise. Some translators can manage general topics, while some offer technical document translation services. These technical translators are experts in medical, legal, business, educational and financial fields.

The official document translation services must be accurate, fast, and understand the target audience. That’s why it’s essential to avail document translation services that are reliable, fast, and deliver accurately translated content. Rush Translation Services is one of the leading translation platforms in the country. 

Why Do I Need Accurate Document Translation Services?

Certified translation helps to narrow the communication gap for global audiences. It allows individuals to understand the message in their language. Document translation services play a crucial role in benefiting global businesses. Moreover, certified translation also covers every aspect of society.

Foreign document translation services help multinational companies grow. The certified translations enable sharing information in the preferred languages. That helps global companies and businesses to connect with local people. It also helps to communicate smoothly with foreign employees, partners, and promoters.

Document translation services also promote cultural interchange. The people enjoy movies, literature, music, and other art forms of the other languages. The certified translation services help artists, authors, musicians, directors, and others to spread their talent worldwide. Professional translation service can’t be neglected in the present scenario.

Translation also plays an important role in diplomacy. Proper communication is important to maintain a smooth international accord. The translation services help world leaders, diplomats, and business leaders to share their thoughts on the international forums.

A single mistake can misinterpret the message and cause misunderstanding. That’s why accurate document translation is highly regarded. Rush Translation Services offer the perfect translation to present yourself in the global arena. 

Our Certified Document Translation Services

Rush Translation Services is the hub of linguistic experts specialized in document translation. These language doctors understand the context and purpose of every translation task. Our high-quality certified document translation service helps businesses to penetrate the local market. We help global businesses to connect with natives more efficiently. Our translators are native speakers to offer accurate translation and localization.



Academic Transcripts
Asylum Documents
Bank Statement
Change Of Name
Criminal Record
Adoption Documents
Background Check
Birth Certificate
Business License
Course Guide
Death Certificate

Choose Between More Than 100+ Languages

Our professional linguistic experts play with the words! These experts understand the context and purpose of translation and provide the human touch in every task. We help you convey the exact human emotions in the target language. The language genius handles complex technical translations with ease. Our in-house and native translators are specialized in their domain to offer accurate translation and localization services. Looking for document translation services near me? Visit, the leading online document translation services platform.


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Why Rush Document Translation is The Best?

We staff the trained native translators who play with the words. Our multilingual subject matter experts understand the importance of linguistic accuracy. The professional translators are well-versed in the technical documents to provide quality work. Rush Translation Services is the complete solution for the global clients’ documents translation requirements.

We offer document translation services to leading brands globally. Our superfast delivery and affordable rates make us the favorite translation platform for every business size. Our qualified translators are hired after the rigorous processes. The human reviewers and QA tools assess every translator’s language and industry-specific expertise.

We audit the work of every translator using our internal review system. Our review system also considers clients’ feedback, professionalism, and consistency of every delivered work. These professional translators are certified and have decades of expertise in their domain. Our translators efficiently offer legal translation services and medical translation services. Some of our aspects that make us the global clients’ favorite are:

High-Quality & Confidentiality

We assure hundred-percent security and confidentiality. Our strict security standards and diligent compliance guarantee that your documents are in safe hands. Our every translator is a proud member of the American Translation Association. We offer the most affordable document translation services in the country. Contact for the best deal!


More Than Just Translation

We not only translate, but we also offer localization. That helps businesses and corporate to make effective communication with natives. We help you speak your content in the target language without losing the cultural soul. We also offer Braille translation services in over a hundred languages. That’s why we are the leading translation agency in the country.

Industry-Specific Translation

Our language doctors provide translation solutions for every industry globally. The skilled translators efficiently manage sectors like – legal, medical, finance, education, business, government, and more. We staff the translator with subject-matter expertise and advanced degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

Rush Translation Services deliver the translated work in every modern format as requested. We provide the work ready to print. You don’t need to spend even a second to change the format of the delivered content. Our every translated work goes under strict scrutiny and is proofread. It’s time to establish a relationship of trust!       

Why Choose Us

Rush Translation Services offer linguistically fluent and technically accurate services to the business world. We help global corporates to make their mark in a foreign land. Our business document translation services help businesses of every size and sector. Moreover, we offer culturally competent document translation services for every field and sector.

Our industry-leading document translation services make us the favorite document translation services in NYC. We deliver translated work in the requested format for smooth functioning. Your search for certified document translation services near me ends here. Our translators are always eager to offer a quality solution with a fast turnaround. Visit our platform and get the best deals now!

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RTS is the most amazing platform for immigration document translation services. They helped with my every translation requirement. The professional translators know what they are doing and understand the purpose of the translation. The friendly project manager will always be there to sort out any issues during the entire process. Full marks to RTS!
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One of the most professional document translation services I have ever encountered! My last two translation projects were a huge disaster and cost me valuable time and money. These guys corrected my earlier projects and delivered the new projects. I am impressed with their accuracy, expertise on the language pair, and faster turnaround. Thumbs Up
Parker Hall
Parker Hall
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Last month, I contacted Rush Translation Services for notarized translation and legal documents translation. It was my first translation work. That's why little bit worried about the service and quality of work. But these guys amazed me with the accurate and top-notch document translation services. Highly recommend the most affordable translation service.
Scott Morales
Scott Morales

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to translate the official documents?

The cost of the official documents depends upon the field, complexity, and technologies of the documents. Sometimes, the language pair also affects the final costing. However, our document translation services start at 0.10$ for a word. Our first price quote for the entire project will be the last quote. There are not any hidden charges to avail of our services. The expert translators can handle any size and type of translation. We offer regular discounts and promo codes for enhanced engagements.

Who can legally translate a document?

Anyone can get documents translated for you. Individuals and businesses take the help of their acquaintances for translation work. Most of the land is in serious trouble due to a lack of professionalism and not understanding the context of the content. It’s always beneficial to help from certified professional translators. Professional translation services will save you lots of money and valuable time. Rush Translation Services is the leading platform for document translation services. Contact our customer care for exciting discounts.  

How do I translate a document officially?

You cannot translate official documents, especially when it is legal document translation and notarized translations. It may land into serious trouble; moreover, a single mistake can ruin your life. The best solution is to take the help of a certified translator. The certified translation service provide you with the official letter that they stand by their work. Moreover, this letter suggests you they are qualified to translate documents from source to target language. Rush Translation Services staff certified translators have years of experience. Furthermore, the affordability, turnaround time, and high quality will surely impress you.

How long does it take to get back the translated document?

It all depends upon the language pair, complexity, and other requirements of the document. The thumb rule says the professional translator can easily handle two-thousand words daily. However, it also depends upon the efficiency and knowledge of the translator in the particular domain. Rush Translation Services offer high-quality translation and faster delivery. Our translators also offer rush-hour services for every emergency. For more information, please connect with our friendly executives. Don’t forget to avail the exciting discounts!

What is the importance of certified translations?

The certified translation work guarantees the authenticity and quality of the translated work. The translation company provides a “Certificate of Accuracy” with every document translation project. That means the translator, and you signify every information contained in the translated work or business documents is true and accurate. Rush Translation Services is known for its high-quality translated content with accuracy. The professional translators handle every type of business document to offer the most accurate translation solutions.  

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