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For law firms worldwide, we provide USCIS-approved legal translators. Our qualified legal translators are fluent in all major world languages and have extensive legal expertise. Our translators have immense efficiency & efficacy in order to deliver culturally correct legal translations.


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Our certified legal translation services deliver the most precise legal document translations for our clients. In the worldwide market for legal services, we aid our customers in staying one step ahead of the competition.

When it comes to precise, quality legal translations into more than 250 languages, Rush Translation services is the company of choice for law firms and in-house legal teams. For the best Localization Services, you can contact us immediately to get professional services at reasonable prices.

Get Trustworthy Legal Translations
 What is a Legal Translation?

What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is challenging because of the stark disparities in court systems across different countries. Legal translation is the process of translating written documents used in the legal system from one target language to another.

A legal language translator must be thoroughly aware of the intricate details of the applicable legal system to guarantee that all requirements are accurately met.

A Legal Translation Company For Every Need

Our professional legal translators are selected through a thorough screening process. As a result, only certified legal translators, editors, and reviewers will work on your legal translation tasks. This makes it possible for even the most complex legal information to be sent effectively.

We are here to meet all of your needs, including those per our 

 A Legal Translation Company for Every Need

client’s searches for expert legal translation services near me. You also get a complete quality control process as part of our certified translation services for legal documents, which ensures the correct handling of every legal document we analyze.

We Provide Certified Legal Translation Services

In order to guarantee that your translations are correct and adhere to all relevant legal terminology. Our translations come with a lifetime warranty and are promised to be recognized by the USCIS. We provide a complete range of services for all your legal translation needs.

You need a qualified legal translation agency for certified legal document translation services in order to guarantee accuracy in both the translation and the process. All of your legal translation projects are put through a stringent quality control process by our experienced legal translators.

Court Legal Proceedings & Transcripts Translation

Government Official Tax Documents Translation

Business Contracts & Agreements Translation

Parents & Intellectual Property Legal Documents

Software License & User Agreements

Immigration Documents Translation – USCIS Complied
Affidavits & Depositions Translation
Foreign Employment Agreement Translation

Litigation Document Translation

Insurance Policies & Claim Documents

Legal Document Translation Services In Any Language

Throughout the whole process of translation, our project managers remain in constant communication with the customers. We take all necessary precautions to guarantee the most superb quality and integrity of your translated document. That’s why you can rely on us to get high-quality medical translation services.

Additionally, we translate personal legal paperwork into a number of languages. With years of legal expertise, our native translators provide legal language translation services globally. Each translation is checked several times to catch any potential errors.


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Why Rush Translation Services Is The Most Reliable Legal Translation Company In US

Thanks to our devoted translators and specialists, we have established ourselves as the industry leader. A variety of certified translation services for client searches, like legal document translation services near me, are provided by Rush Translation Services. Never do we accept anything less than greatness. 

Our project leaders will oversee your project from beginning to end. This guarantees that you always receive the most accurate translation available. We are committed to offering our clients concierge translation services that will ensure the accuracy, speed, and perfection of your translated legal papers. Additionally, you may anticipate more remarkable outcomes if your legal language translator provides translations that are more precise. You can also expect excellent results with our email translation services too.

Why Rush Translation Services is the most reliable legal translation company in US<br />
 Customized Legal Document Translation

Customized Legal Document Translation

To provide the most accurate translation of the following legal documents you need, your legal translator will collaborate with your legal team. in possession of translation memory, specialist legal dictionaries, reliable legal translation services online for legal documents, and other tools.

Quick & Accurate Translations

Quick & Accurate Legal Translations

We know that there is no room for error while interpreting legal matters. Legal translations must be delivered as promptly and precisely as possible. Because of this, our translators utilize the latest certified translation technologies to expedite the translation process and save you valuable time.

Data Security

Data Security

We value your right to privacy. We understand that legal interpretation services require prudence and cost-effectiveness. We’ll take any additional security precautions you feel essential to safeguard your sensitive data.

Your 24x7 legal translation partner

Your 24x7 Legal Translation Partner

With our professional legal translation services available around the clock, be ready for anything. You could seem bad if you respond hastily to urgent client requests. We promise to handle your legal materials carefully and effectively. As a top provider of legal translation professionals, Rush Translation Services offers the best legal translation services.

Our Quality Assurance Procedure For Certified Legal Translations

  • We guarantee that US courts and government agencies will recognize our certified legal translations.
  • A second person analyses and approves translated materials to guarantee excellent quality.
  • Our certified legal document translations come with a statement attesting to their accuracy and conformity to the original language, earning the trust of the world’s leading law firms.
 Our quality translations assurance for certified translations

Why Customers Love Rush Translation Services

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Rush Translation Services is a company I wholeheartedly endorse. Because Rush Translation Services consistently produces high quality translation services and offers excellent work, I am a devoted client.
Harrison D
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They provide excellent service and are highly trustworthy and professional translators. I'm delighted with my third order's simplicity, cost, and turnaround time. Rush Translation Services is applauded for its excellent job.
Vladislava M.
Certified Translation
Rush Translation Services, you are appreciated. It was a wonderful experience. The legal translation job was excellent and completed in less than 24 hours.
Kenneth Looper

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Select The Best Legal Translation Service Provider

Legal papers should be translated by a certified translation agency that offers a highly discreet approach. You can review delivery methods, required formats, and other issues with your language service partner. Verify if the service provider offers a password-protected secure site for file transfers.

Why Legal Translation Services Are Important

Legal repercussions may result from inaccurate translations, which highlights the significance of legal translation. Poorly translated legal documents may directly impact the rights of individuals. The law firm must have confidence that the outcome is correct and authentic to the source material.

Can Anyone Translate Legal Documents?

A translation agency specializing in translating legal documents is your best choice if you require legal documents to be translated. Make sure you engage with qualified translators that promise a speedy, cost-effective approach without sacrificing quality.

How To Get Legal Documents Translated

You should use a translation agency specializing in legal papers if you require legal documents to be translated. Collaborate with certified translators to ensure a speedy, cost-effective approach without sacrificing quality.

What Does A Legal Translator Do?

By translating legal papers from one language into another, a legal translator assists in courtrooms and other legal settings. They must speak at least two languages fluently and be familiar with the legal systems of the nations where those languages are spoken.

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