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We staff USCIS approved legal translators for law firms globally. Our experienced legal translators can handle every international language and are well-versed in legal terminology. Our translators leave no stone unturned to provide culturally accurate legal translations.


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Legal document translation is an important aspect of businesses and legal firms that work with people who use different languages. Legal translation services are also required to get a local business license, business merging, or hiring an employee from another country. Legal translators also help people who need contracts, academic transcripts, medical certificates, or immigration-related documents.

Many studies showed that twenty-one percent of legal errors were connected with poor document preparation. The potential risk of errors is even more in legal translation. That further makes the stakes higher for both businesses and individuals.

If you require legal translation services, ensure to get help from certified legal translation services. It is the best way to protect yourself from potential risks and errors.

What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is a more complex process as compared to standard translations. Moreover, it requires the official language of the related jurisdiction. So the legal translation needs to cover a wide range of texts. Usually, individuals and businesses require their financial documents, identity documentation, official reports, filed patents, transcripts, precedents, legal rulings, and witness statements to be translated legally into another language.

The professional legal translators know the law of states. The word-to-word translation may not represent precisely the meaning of original texts. Specialized legal translators understand the legal implications if anything is not translated accurately. That is why legal documents translations must always be done by specialists and subject matter experts (SME). The professional legal translators have deep knowledge of source texts laws and target countries’ languages.

Why Do I Need Accurate Legal Translation Services?

Individuals and businesses hire a legal translating agency to make the overall legal translation process smooth and perfect. While translating, it’s extremely important to get a reliable outcome. If the translation is not proper, it may have profound legal implications. An improperly translated document directly affects an individual’s rights.

The translation team must have good knowledge of the business and legal practices of the country. Improper information can generate huge misunderstandings. That’s the reason one should always work with native legal translators. Before taking help of legal translation services, make sure:

  • The legal translators have proper knowledge of the specific domain.
  • The legal translators know the specific document format.
  • Your legal translator must provide you with a certificate of accuracy.
  • Your legal translator understands the importance of localization.
  • Your legal translators should have a good record and offer near about hundred-percent accuracy.

Rush Translation Services’ understand and maintain the credibility of the original legal content. Our team of professional translators ensures that output texts imply the country’s law.

Our Certified Legal Translation Services

Our certified professional translators run all of your legal translations through a rigorous quality control system. Our professionals always strive to meet all related legal profession necessities. We offer documents translated for a university application, high school transfer, immigration acceptance, and more.

Rush Translation provides certified translations for every service. All of our translations are certain to be accepted by the USCIS and backed by a lifetime guarantee. That means, if for any reason, the translated legal translation services document doesn’t meet all of the requirements of the government, school, or university, we will adjust it until it is correct.

We deliver a complete suite of legal translation services! including:

Court Legal Proceedings & Transcripts Translation

Government Official Documents Translation
Business Contracts & Agreements Translation

Parents & Intellectual Property Documents

Software License & User Agreements
Immigration Documents Translation – USCIS Complied
Affidavits & Depositions Translation
Foreign Employment Agreement Translation

Litigation Document Translation

Insurance Policies & Claim Documents

Choose Between More Than 100+ Languages.

Our native legal translators have years of experience offering accurate legal translation services worldwide. Our project managers are always connected with the clients during the entire translation process. Every translated document is proofread multiple times to remove any potential mistakes. So no more worries now! You can choose between more than a hundred languages for your legal translation.


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Why Rush Legal Translation is the Best?

Rush Translation Services provide an accurate legal translation that makes us a leading legal translation provider. Our experienced translators are fluent in both languages and have an intense understanding of legal terminology to avoid even the slightest misinterpretation.

We assure you that your documents are handled with precision and efficiency. We precisely translate every detail of your legal documents, confirming that the translations are 100% true to the source and meet the requirements of the pertaining legal system. Some of our best features are:

Quick & Accurate Legal Translations

Whether you’re an individual who requires the Translation of legal immigration papers to get a job or an attorney with depositions essential to your case, accuracy and speed are crucial. We completely understand that legal translations leave no room for error. That’s why Rush Translation gives you the peace of mind that every legal terminology is precise, held in the rigorous of confidence, and is delivered fast.

Certified Legal Translation Services & Confidentiality

Rush Translation is also qualified to provide certified legal documents translated. You’ll receive a machine translation of immigration papers and other official legal translation services documents accepted by government agencies and USCIS. If you think of good legal translation services near me, you will find us a click away. We understand your need for frugality and privacy when requesting the translation of legal documents. We’ll warmly sign confidentiality agreements and take any specific measures you deem necessary to protect your sensitive information.

Customized Legal Document Translation

All of our professional legal translators will be handpicked from the translation team for your project based on experience and native language abilities and guided by the project managers. Equipped with translation memories, specialized legal dictionaries, accurate legal translation services documents, and other aids, your legal translator will work as part of your legal team to produce the precise Translation of legal documents you require.

Legal Document Translations in Any Language

Because laws vary between countries, an accurate adaptation of legal texts is crucial to avoid lawsuits when negotiating contracts and exchanging legal translation services. Legal document translations must accurately define the rights, technical and precise, and obligations of the parties involved. We also provide the website translation, localization services and medical translation services. Choose from Spanish legal translation services, French legal translations, American translators association, Legal translation services NYC and 100 languages in all.

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Rush Translation Services help individuals and businesses with quick and affordable document translation services. Our team of professional translators has a wide range of experience and deep specialization in many areas.

We are incredibly eager to have you as a customer and look forward to working with you. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our support team, and we’ll get right back to you. We also provide quality email translation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are legal translation services essential?

An inadequately translated document can directly affect people’s rights. Fundamentally, law firms can ensure that the result is accurate and true to the original. Because of this reason, it is always recommended to work with the best legal translation professionals that translate in their native language.

How much does it charge to translate a legal document?

What is the average cost to translate a legal document? Online legal translation services documents costs are calculated on the total word count, not the number of pages; but, nationally, the average legal document translation cost is around $0.14 to $0.18 per word for court document translations.

Who can translate legal documents?

Creating a good translation is meticulous. The Translation has to cast the authentic message accurately and in idiomatically legal terms. The same tone and level of language have to be sustained.

When it comes to international treaties, vagueness can represent a diplomatic tactic. In literary translation, ambiguity is unquestionably viewed as a defect. Translators must avoid “interpreting” ambiguities to produce a quality legal translation

The skills a certified legal translator should possess, according to Breuer, are:

  1.   vigor
  2.   Professionalism 
  3.   Qualification in technical legal matters 
  4.   Knowledge of the legal system and legal translation service document
  5.   Proper understanding of the source language as well as the target language gap
  6.   Research skills
How do I translate a legal document?

It is a declaration that the translator’s work has been performed to the best legal translation services of their abilities and with the most incredible accuracy possible: electronically stored information that identifies the document being translated and the source and Translation languages. For more details contact Rush Translation Agency!

What are the types of legal Translation?

Legal Translation or legal document translation services come with their requirements and depend on the language it has to be translated into and the kind of document itself. There are various types of legal translation; these are four of the most commonly requested types of legal services translation, highlighted as follows:

  1. Contract Translations
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Intellectual Property Translations
  4. Legal Market Research

Some of the common types of legal translations also include:

Transcripts from court and witness, Confidentiality agreements, Legal translation projects, Formal Complaints, Legal Statements, Legal disclaimers, Licenses, Wills & Trusts, Litigation documentation, Arbitration translation, Depositions, Policies.

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