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We are always happy to hear feedback from our valued customers about their experience with the RTS team. Here we share with you a list of the real reviews and feedback that our clients leave after receiving a complete translation.


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4.9 / 5

Overall Rating of 950

Certified Translation
I could not believe that I got my medical translation job done in just 3 business days! Excellent job done with absolutely no errors at all. Thanks, team RTS!
Mia William
Premium Translation
The delivery time was so short that I had never used the RTS service before, and I was afraid that my medical letter would not arrive in time. RTS you made it!
Jack Collins
Premium Translation
I had never used a translation service before, but I needed help with my English medical reports to be translated into French intention. I got perfect work!
Ruan Rivera
Premium Translation
We are a medical and emergency care company and we went to RTS and translated two books from English to Spanish. Our inspiration is to expand our business in Latin America, and to achieve this we need to work with people with previous experience. Thanks to RTS!
Charles Wright
Certified Translation
Some companies claim that the delivery time is too short to complete the translation. I needed my medical documents immediately. RTS helped me get it on time.
Gregory Stewarts
Premium Translation
They offered excellent Spanish to English translation service on my medical records! The RTS team was very helpful and responsive. Thanks to RTS and the team.
Laura Richardson
Certified Translation
We were hesitant to continue because we were dealing with highly confidential business documents and were unsure if it would be effective. However, the RTS team has exceeded our expectations in every way. Good work and highly professional
Lucas Johnson
Certified Translation
All responses from the customer service of RTS were prompt and professional. No doubt a good service as it provides emergency business translation services. I recommend RTS.
Aria Moore
Premium Translation
Absolutely error-free translation service. I got all the documents in 3 business days and I would love to come back again for my business translation work.
Certified Translation
The RTS translation was excellent in supporting our multilingual business presentations. I needed a professional translation for this important presentation, and after contacting several translation service companies, RTS Company was by far the most professional.
Parker Hall
Premium Translation
I would like to ask RTS again if a business document translation project comes up. Great team of translators under the same roof!
Scott Morales
Premium Translation
My website reached millions in a fraction of seconds. I am happy with the huge response of my target customers. Thanks to Rush Translation Services!
Naomi Clerk
Certified Translation
I've been using RTS regularly for some time and it works great for my website translation. I appreciate the team working with me to turn our vision into reality.
Elle Jones
Premium Translation
Rush Translation Service is absolutely a value for money translation service. I have been working with them for most of my website translation projects and every time they provided me with perfect work.
Ethan Thompson
Certified Translation
Excellent translation and excellent service. The contents of the website translation were easy to understand. Thank you, RTS for your good work.
Russell Evan
Certified Translation
After visiting the company’s profile and discussing the job with their executives, my sister decided to go ahead for her website translation. Needless to say, she is completely satisfied with the service.
Kim White
Premium Translation
We had to adjust the current website and RTS were able to seamlessly integrate with our content. This automated workflow accelerated the entire process, reducing time-to-market.
Benjamin Garcia
Premium Translation
I approached them with an urgent localization service. I must say I found them the best without a doubt. Highly recommended their translation service.
Harper Clerk
Certified Translation
RTS has been patient and passionate about our needs and bringing them together from the start. We are convinced that we cannot get better results for our website localization translation than this.
Christopher Torres
Premium Translation
The experts of RTS are the best. Thank you for your help so we could reach out globally. Very diligent and focused localization work.
Premium Translation
The quality of the delivered financial translated content was excellent and I was very happy with RTS. Translation and localization were done with care. I'm glad there is such a service nearby.
Vincent Roberts