Who I am

Maria Hernandez

Professional Translator

My passion for languages and cultures has driven me all through. I have worked extensively across industries, gaining invaluable experience that has helped me become an authority in my domain.

Maria Hernandez

My Qualification

I’m Maria Hernandez, a professional translator with over ten years of experience. I did a bachelor’s in Linguistics from UCLA and an MA in Translation & Interpreting from the University of Illinois. I’m ATA-certified.

professional translator

My Experience

In my career, I have worked for various translation agencies (TransPerfect, Translation AZ) and have translated documents into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Also, I have extensive experience in website (technical and generic) localization, video subtitling, and audio transcription.

My Expertise

As an acknowledged expert in language translation, I have provided consultation and training services to businesses and organizations (Amgen, GM, FIS) to improve their translation processes. I have helped them create multilingual content that speaks directly to their target audience, enabling them to reach new markets and grow their business.

My Publication

My proven expertise in language translation has been recognized through numerous publications. My articles to industry publications, such as the ATA Chronicle and MultiLingual Magazine, share my insights and knowledge on translation trends and emerging best practices.


I’m a translation service professional. My qualifications, experience, and expertise have helped small businesses and big companies communicate effectively with their target audiences. I’ve thus developed my reputation as a trusted authority in the industry.

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