In this interesting blog, you will explore interesting Simlish Phrases. You will love this read if you are a Sims aficionado. For others also, it’s a fantastic journey to explore the world of Simlish Phrases.

Video gamers use fictional language, and they romanticize it. That’s the reason you must learn, understand and explore some Sims Phrases. It is the best way to show your appreciation.

Playing video games is a romantic experience in itself. Similarly, the sound of specific utterances developed gradually and expanded with time.

Sim language words are the gibberish language spoken by the characters of The Sims. Simlish words are the most recognizable aspects of its world.

The garbled gab is the perfect combination of impressive colors and wonderful emotions. That brings the comic flair to the famous simulation game. So, you can learn here about the sims words.

Evolution Of Simlish Language

Evolution Of Simlish Language

The Simlish language is not considered the official language that one can learn and speak fluently. Simlish is still got variety and nuanced fictional language. The Simlish phrases evolved slowly, and that’s a distinguishable aspect.

Simlish language is passed down from generation to generation and has seen growth over time. Over the years, the Simlish expressions have slightly changed for Sims games. However, there is a combination of expressions from both past and present. Get to know more about how technology translations makes it easy for the armatures?

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Considerable steps need to be taken to preserve the Sims sayings. Otherwise, the number of people using the Simlish language will drastically decline. And the fact is its existence is jeopardized and on the verge of extinction.

If you think you are a true Sim fan, then learn it and pass it on to your peers. It’s not even an official language but some of the Sim phrases are very common among gamers. However, the Sim language has a fascinating history of development.

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History Of Simlish

History Of Simlish

Most of the popular video games include in-built language that has become popular among players. Some of them are having a decent fan base. The characters in Sim speak Simlish, the language created by Will Wright. The creator of the Sim game. 

He explained the need for language as video game demands interactive tools. He thought in the absence of the invented language; the dialogues would look dull and tedious with the live language. While at the same time, other game creators used English as the primary language. Nowadays, businesses want to explore more about the advantages of video translation to plan and grow their marketing tactics.

And that was also the turning point for The Sims, which became a popular real-life simulation. The designed Roxy Wolosenko advised Wright to focus on the characters rather than just thinking about Sims. That’s why unique words and Sims phrases were created. SimCopter was the first game in which the Simlish phrases were introduced. Contact us to learn the benefits of localizing your fashion website.

Gamers can imagine it more realistically as compared with machines that can replicate the real language. That’s why employing nonsense language becomes the ideal development, as per Wright.

Surely some of the words in the Simlish language are entirely meaningless. However, there are lots of words in the language that has meaning.

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Unofficial Simlish Language Words & Phrases

Unofficial Simlish Language Words & Phrases

In case you are planning to play The Sims or are already familiar with it and want to explore the meanings of the various words and phrases created for the game. Then it’s really fun to know and learn the Simlish phrases.

They will offer you the highest excitement level while playing The Sims game. You are not alone in exploring the meaning of words and phrases in Simlish sentences. However, plenty of players around the globe like to decipher the Sims word as they are fascinated by the language.

Many players always inquire about the meaning of Simlish sentences. As it’s very difficult to get the Simlish translator. If you can get access, you can do Simultaneously Translation to find the meanings of the sentences.

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Well, below you will find some of the common Simlish language words and phrases:

  •         Hello – Sul sul
  •         Baby – Nooboo
  •         I’m hungry – Oh feebee lay
  •         Milk – Lalo
  •         Very good – Ooh be gah
  •         Dog – Woofum
  •         Goodbye – Dag dag
  •         This is cool – Whippna choba dog
  •         Shake – Sherb
  •         That’s awful – Sass awrful
  •         Thanks – Vadish (Badeesh)
  •         Cat – Minicule
  •         Move away – Araganda
  •         I’m bored – Awasa poa
  •         Hey, what’s up? – Bloo bagoo?
  •         I don’t like you – Boobasnot
  •         What’s up? – Hooba noobie

Go away! – Renato! Renato!

  •         Let’s play – Veena fredishay
  •         I ma so bored – Uhh shamoo ralla poo
  •         Fast – Firbs
  •         Car – Abbi anar
  •         Pizza – Chum-cha
  •         Oh – Fro
  •         Damn – Garnar frash
  •         Listen – Grouw
  •         Interesting – Jowlenin
  •         Sweet – Kooj
  •         Anyone home – Nash na poof?
  •         Ow, man that’s great – Oo krem letich
  •         Why me? – Ooo shanga day?
  •         Pain – Paba
  •         Is this a room? – Sisaroom?
  •         Speak – Sperk
  •         So hungry – So hungwah
  •         Everything – Fretishe
  •         Thank you – Litzergam
  •         One – Mik
  •         Two – Mak
  •         Three – Maka
  •         Does that feel better? – Turkey nurbler?
  •         Believe it or not – Delco webney
  •         Who cares? – Kabuna?
  •         Hey, great idea – Ah, gwanda blitz
  •         Hey, I know what do you mean – Ah, docka morpher

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10 Funny Simlish Phrases

10 Funny Simlish Phrases

Below you will see some of the funny Simlsh phrases. So here we go:

1. Choo Waga Choo Choo!

This is the best and classic Simlish expression. That can be roughly translated as, “I can’t move as there is something in the way.”

That probably can be the smelly plate someone left on the front of the door. 

2. Feebee Lay!

The meaning of this phrase in The Sims is “Feed Me Now.” All of us have experienced this. But Sims has taken this to a new level.

They wave their arms dramatically when they desperately become hungry, hold their stomach, and point to their mouth while shouting this expression. 

3. Common Snana?

The young players may not remember this expression. As it was used in the old days. This expression is usually said over the phone and probably means, “How are you?”

The way Sims utter this expression is hilarious.

4. Nooboo

Usually, all Sims players know the meaning of this word is “baby.” However, the Sims will utter this word as “Awww Nooboo” while cuddling with the newborn baby. 

5. Disgroofle!

It’s easier to find out the meaning of this ” disgusting ” expression. When Sims have grossed out something, they yell this expression over dramatically.

6. Baharmy Plutarch? GLARCH!

Every Sims fan has seen the Sim crack this joke when they hear it. But nobody knows why? We don’t know about the joke; however, GLARCH still gave us a burst of laughter every time.

7. Meckchate!

This is a more adorable expression than funny, especially when kids utter it. The meaning of this word is “checkmate.” And, of course, the Sims said it when they won the game.

8. Za Woka Genava

Have you ever tried to get a date using this expression in real life? It will surely not go well. But not for the Sims.

This flirtiest expression has some magical power for them. Sometimes it reminds Joey Tribbiani’s “How you doin’?” Which was from the 90’s TV Sitcom.

9. Shashoobie!

This expression is a great conversation starter. So instead of counting down to midnight’s new year like an average person, it’s better to say “Shashoobie.”

10. Dag-Dag

Dag-Dag and Sul-Sul are very confusing expressions. However, we know Sul-Sul means “Hello” and Dag-Dag means “Goodbye”.  

However, if that’s the case don’t know why Sims utters Sul-Sul at the end of the conversation. 


The Simlish phrases have a fantastic history and were developed by the game creator Will Wright. He thought the language was needed as the game required interactive tools. The Sims player is aware of this exciting language, but not everyone knows the exact meaning of Simlish phrases. We hope you enjoyed this interesting read on the Simlish expressions. Always be connected with us for more such interesting blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a translation for Simlish?

Finally, the translated Simlish language has become a by-product of an unintentional collaboration between The Sims developers and their fans. Some unofficial Simlish translators can be found online. Besides that, various amateur videos try to teach the fictional language.

Q2. Can Alexa translate Simlish?

This is one of the hidden features of Alexa as a Simlish translator. For anyone who likes to understand Simlish, the fictional language of The Sims, Alexa can translate some of the most common Simlish phrases. Try saying “Sul Sul!” the next time Alexa opens The Sims.

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