People often wonder— ‘What is the hardest language to learn.’ If you are one of such people, this article is for you. Earlier in a blog post, we discussed the oldest language in the world. And, I hope it was helpful, isn’t it! It is a fact that you have an advantage over monolingual speakers if you can speak numerous languages. Multilingual speakers place themselves at the forefront of new possibilities, whether for acquiring a deeper grasp of a country’s culture or for the specific requirement of surviving and even conducting business. 

But, if you think learning a different language is easy, it is your misconception. Today, in this blog post, you will get to know some of the most challenging languages to learn.

Why Do People Find Difficulties in Learning a New Language?

Breathe; you’re not alone if you’re having trouble learning a new language. It is well known that adults have a more challenging time acquiring a language than kids do. But why is learning a new foreign language so hard? Said, it’s most difficult language to learn since it demands a lot of your energy and time. Many individuals discover that irregular spelling and complex grammar in languages like English and German make them both challenging to learn. However, there are still specific languages that are extremely difficult to understand. Don’t worry. As said earlier, this blog will share the top 10 hardest languages to learn. Meanwhile, you can click here to know the Rush Tranaslation Services.

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What is The Top Hardest Language to Learn in the World?

What is The Top Hardest Language to Learn in the World?

Learning a new language might be tricky, but if the one you’ve selected is already regarded as complicated and complex, you’re in for a real struggle! Even though Mandarin is one of the world’s most challenging languages, many more competitors are sometimes overlooked. Some people wonder— ‘Is English the hardest language to learn?’ No, it is not that hard to learn. Please follow the list of languages of the world that are difficult to understand in the below passage.

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1. Mandarin


Mandarin is the hardest language to learn and the world’s most common native tongue. Why is Mandarin at the top of the language difficulty chart? Numerous special characters that number in the thousands must be remembered. With four tones in the tonal language, one word may be pronounced four different ways, each with a unique meaning. Also, click here to know the Spanish Translation Services.

2. Icelandic

Since its settlement in the ninth and eleventh centuries, the Icelandic language has not altered but has added new meanings to existing terms. The fact that less than 400,000 native speakers are available for you to study and practice with doesn’t help either.

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3. Arabic


Arabic is regarded as the UN’s sixth official language. Why do you think it is the hardest language to learn for English speakers? Arabic is written in a 28-letter alphabet from right to left, without most vowels. The language also makes a variety of distinctive sounds in many other languages. Grammar-wise, verbs frequently appear before the subject, and in addition to the single and plural forms, many nouns also have dual conditions. Thus, it is one of the most hardest language in the world.

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4. Japanese

If you wonder— “Is English the hardest language to learn?” hold your grip. Japanese is another inappropriate language for those who have spent their whole lives learning languages like English, Spanish, or French. Still, it may be simple for people familiar with East Asian languages. Japanese is a native tongue of the Japanese people, who take great pleasure in their language and take significant measures to promote it! Due to its sentence structure, several dialects, and thousands of kanji characters, Japanese is a difficult language to learn. As a consequence, one word might have ten alternative translations.

After the hardest language you can now find the most spoken language.

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5. Hungarian

5. Hungarian

Due to its intricate grammar and difficult pronunciation, it is well known that Hungarian is the hardest language in the world for people who speak English. There are 14 vowels in the Hungarian language, each of which slightly variations in pronunciation. Compared to English, Hungarian consonant clusters also contain surprising accents. For instance, “sz” and “s” are both pronounced as “s,” respectively. Despite its complexity, Hungarian is a lovely and inventive language with some incredibly descriptive terms that don’t exist in English. In addition, you can follow the blog to learn about Website Translation Services.

6. Korean

It remains in the top 10 hardest languages to learn even though it has what is regarded as the most rational writing system in the world, with an alphabet made up of just 24 characters, 10 of which are vowels and 14 consonants. There are so many terms that sound remarkably similar to one another. Additionally, because there are no characters, it is more difficult to picture the information remembered.

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7. Polish

It is the most difficult languages in the world to learn is Polish. For English speakers, Polish words can be perplexing and hard to pronounce. The language is written in Latin, but it also features several extra characters, complicated freestyle grammar, and a lot of consonants. Possibilities abound for learning this language, from travel to studying in Poland!

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8. Greek

8. Greek

Greek is the oldest Indo-European language still in use, and while it differs from ancient Greek in specific ways, it is nevertheless closer to its origins than Spanish or French are from Latin. Here are around 13 million native Greek speakers, mainly in Greece and Cyprus. Greek will be difficult for English speakers to master since it has many new words, three distinct genders for nouns, and intricate grammatical rules. Thus, it is considered the most difficult language to learn. Once you have enough info about the Greek language, its time to know several facts on  Oldest Language in the world.

9. Vietnamese

Vietnamese is another hardest language in the world to learn. It is widely spoken in Vietnam and is considered a minority language in the Czech Republic. Given how little it has with Western languages, it is undoubtedly the most challenging language on our list for English speakers. Vietnamese is a tonal language with several different dialects. Its consonant, vowel, and syllable systems are also highly difficult to understand.

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10. Russian

10. Russian

Because of its complex pronunciation, Russian can be challenging for English speakers. While the language uses Latin letters, many have entirely distinct sounds. The letters “b” and “h” have similar pronunciations of “v” and “n,” respectively. Thus, it is also considered on the top list of hardest language to learn.


The most challenging languages for English speakers to learn ultimately rely on various factors, not just one. The number of speakers, the language’s ancestry, its resemblance to English, and other factors contribute to how hard it will be for people to learn. The hardest language to learn is not what matters, though. It all depends on how motivated people know, how you’ll handle psychological worries, and who you turn to for help when people need it, just like learning any other language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is English the Most Difficult Language to Learn?

The English language is regarded by many as being among the most challenging. But compared to other languages like Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc., it is not as difficult. All you need is a proper tutor to learn English.

Q2. Can you Pick up a Foreign Language Right Away?

The objective is to learn a new language quickly. Although learning a new foreign language takes time and effort that cannot be replaced, if you have the appropriate approach and take the necessary action, you can quickly discover the language.

Q3. Why is It so Hard To Pick Up a New Language as an Adult?

Adults can only acquire a language once they have mastered the ability to mimic a child’s actions. Adult learners of the first, second, and third languages of English cannot simulate the methods used by children. Adults typically believe they can communicate through language, yet it is challenging.

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